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Good Guard Security offers the finest selection of professional guards tailored to fortify your business in Nevada. Elevate your security with our top-tier guard services today.


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At Good Guard Security, we pride ourselves on being a premier security service provider dedicated to safeguarding what matters most to you. Our dedication to excellence shines through in the exceptional protection our services provide. We are a team of extensively trained and licensed security guards in Nevada at the forefront of ensuring your safety and security. With a keen focus on deterrence, observation, and swift response, our guards maintain constant vigilance to prevent unauthorized access, secure premises and promptly address any security concerns. From patrolling and monitoring, to crowd control and emergency handling, our guard's functions encompass a comprehensive approach to guaranteeing a secure environment for businesses, events, and individuals alike.

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Our Armed Guards play a pivotal role in ensuring unwavering protection through vigilant patrols and expert threat deterrence, maintaining an environment of safety and peace for our clients.


Our Unarmed Guards excel in providing a reassuring presence, meticulous surveillance, and proactive assistance, upholding a secure atmosphere and delivering top-tier protection for our clients.


Our Courtesy Vehicle Security revolves around ensuring impeccable safety for vehicles and their occupants, utilizing expert monitoring and rapid response measures to safeguard valuable assets for our clients


Our Crowd Control guards lead in creating secure event environments, managing crowds with precision for a smooth and safe attendee experience under our watchful supervision.


Our Fire Watch guards ensure your premise's safety with vigilant fire patrols, quick hazard identification, and immediate preventive action for occupants' protection.


Our Traffic Control team ensures safe and smooth transportation by expertly managing flow, enhancing road safety, and minimizing congestion through proactive coordination and measures.

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I'm highly impressed by Good Guard Security's professionalism and dedication to our construction site's safety. Their vigilant guards have significantly reduced the risk of vandalism, making them an invaluable asset to our project's security. I wholeheartedly recommend their top-notch services to others.

Kevin Anderson

Project Manager

I can't express how grateful I am for the security provided by Good Guard Security. Their armed guards have been invaluable to our jewelry shop. The guards consistently arrive on time, maintain a well-groomed appearance, and their exceptional friendliness is worth highlighting. Thank you, Good Guard Security, for your exceptional service.

Jennifer Sullivan

Jewelry shop owner



We are honored to offer our comprehensive security services throughout the state of Nevada. Our robust capabilities ensure that we have the personnel required to protect every area within the state.



Our Mission Statement

At Good Guard Security, our mission is to ensure unwavering protection through proactive measures and steadfast vigilance. We are committed to upholding the safety and tranquility of our clients and their assets. By embodying integrity, diligence, and advanced expertise, we stand resolute in our duty to deter threats and respond promptly to any security challenges. We strategically focus on creating innovative solutions and developing adaptable strategies. We pledge to establish a secure environment where we enforce your peace of mind. Your safety is our priority, and we are devoted to delivering high-quality security services with a dedication that reflects our core values.

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At Good Guard Security, we foster enduring partnerships with each of our clients in Nevada. We firmly believe in establishing relationships built for the long term, ensuring that our commitment to excellence in security services remains unwavering throughout our collaboration.

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